The Right to the City

The Right to the City Initiative

Cynthia Hammond, Ted Little, Steven High, and Kathleen Vaughan


Montreal's post-industrial transformation is rapidly remaking the city as old manufacturing industries close and new condo towers rise up from the ruins. Nowhere is this transformation more visible than along the Lachine Canal in the city's South-West. The Right to the City Initiative is a multi-year initiative funded by a pedagogical grant from Concordia University that has enabled students from four disciplines - oral history, art history, theatre, and art education - to engage with the past and present of Pointe-Saint-Charles, a working class district adjoining the Lachine Canal. Working with community partners, students have researched and walked their way into the neighbourhood and produced a wide range of public outcomes such as visual arts interventions, site-specific performances, and a memory-based audio walk (see the La Pointe audio walk on this site).